Hi y'all, Maryafernanda here!

--- a mouthful I know, it looks like an alphabet soup, but it's like "Maria-Fernanda" but with a "y" not to be confused with "Mayra". When I'm not behind the camera you can find me at my 9 year old soccer games with my husband and toddler, having a drink with friends or catching up on my shows on the endless amount of streaming services we have to be subscribed to these days. 

I truly enjoy being behind the camera capturing the moments that fleet away, because in the end memories are all we get to keep! *insert smiling emoji with one tear drop* It took me forever to finally follow this dream, for one reason or another I kept putting it off, but that was many many moons ago. 


When I had my son I bought my first camera and haven't looked back since. He's my model 99% of the time, so all the beautiful locations we shoot at now are all because he let me photograph him there first and we loved or because he came back from an adventure "and found the coolest place for [me] to take photos at". *round of applause for him* Now, I take pictures of friends, family, friends of family and all those who instill faith in my work.

I am committed to serving you with the gift I have been given and I hope you give me the opportunity to do just that! I look forward to meeting you and capturing your photography needs. 


“omg 🥹🥲 you never fail to amaze us with your beautiful talented work! Thank you so much ❤️”


“So beautiful! I love having these memories! Thank you so so much! I don’t know how ya’ll do it but somehow you capture some great images when I think “dang I hope we at least got ONE good picture” lol they were all great! Thank you for your patience, I know it’s not easy with little ones but you did an amazing job at capturing my family.”

—Jessica M.

“Thank you so much, we loved them all…you’re amazing!! I cannot choose just one for our Christmas cards for our family and friends. You made it so hard! Wishing you all the blessings in the world with your small business. We will definitely continue to do business with you!”

—Betsy P.

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