Rescheduling Policy

A. Full-Priced session clients are allowed one reschedule free of charge, however, I respectfully ask that it be at least 7 days prior to the session to avoid a rescheduling fee.

If it is rescheduled 1-6 days prior to the session a fee must be paid prior to setting a new date.

If the session must be rescheduled a second time a new retainer must be paid prior to setting a new date.

Reschedules are done on Fridays within the same year, no exceptions.

***Mini Sessions are not eligible for reschedules.***

Weather Related -
Rain: Photo shoots will continue as scheduled as long as it is not physically raining - please keep that in mind when booking. If not physically raining, but a high chance of rain is expected, rescheduling will be done at my discretion and will not be held against client.

Cold Weather: is known for the months of fall, winter and some of the spring, dress and book accordingly. We will not shoot in freezing temperatures.

Retainer/ Booking Fees

A. All retainer/booking fees are non-refundable.

This fee ensures our mutual commitment to a time and date. Full Price Session retainers may be transferable at my discretion.

Retainers can range from $80- $100 for regular priced sessions and up to $150 or full payment during specials or "Minis" (Bluebonnet Minis, Fall Minis, Holiday Mini, other sessions considered Minis such as but not limited to, DACA specials ).

All payments made are final and no refunds or credits are given for session cancellations or no shows.

If applicable, payments made toward a full price session that is eligible for a single reschedule can be eligible for a transfer of payments made. (This does not apply for minis, specials or discounted sessions.)

Late Arrivals + No-Show Policy

A. Clients are urged to show-up on time, I do allow for a 5-10 minute grace period, if I am notified you are late, before I leave the agreed location, please keep in mind that your session begins at the agreed time even with the grace time.

With that said, consider the logistics of the session location.

No shows will NOT be rescheduled.

Travel Fee

A. Anything over a 20 mile radius of the 75044 will require a travel fee depending on the distance. Anything over an hour drive will have to be discussed and agreed to prior to session date.

Post-editing Policy

A. If you've booked with me it's because you appreciate my work and style please do not alter your photos with unflattering filters, because it's highly disrespectful to my time and work.

In the photography community, we like to say "community over competition", I can assure you that if I am not what you're looking for in a photographer I can always recommend someone with a similar aesthetic to your own.

Photo Retention Policy

A. Photo galleries will only be accessible for 15 days, after that a fee of $75 will be required to re-access the gallery if it is still retainable. Any galleries over a year, depending on time lapsed since gallery delivery will be $125.

Additional Family Members

A. All sessions have a maximum participation capacity for immediate family members meaning, sessions are for Mom, Dad, Kids, and pets. Any other additional family members. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends must be approved prior to session. Please no surprise guests as I will decline to photograph them. Additional family members can be included for $25 per person.