Loyalty Program

for clients only

I have for the past 4 years had an active loyalty program that I go through with my clients immediately after their session and I figured I should outline it for everyone looking for yet another reason to book. 

When I began this program, my hope was to give back to my returning clients that not only came back but also made sure friends and family came to me to capture their important milestones. 

The way I figured I'd reward them was by gifting them a 30-minute photo session (value of $400)---free of cost.


After a session with me you have two different ways to earn a session.

1. You book (meaning YOU paid, not a giveaway or gift from someone) with me a total of 3 sessions (this includes mini sessions), doesn't matter how long it takes for you to reach 3 sessions. 4th session is on me. 


2. You refer (they pay) 3 people. If after your session your mom, friend, cousin, etc book and they let me know they were referred by you. Once they get their photos taken you've earned your session. 

Simple as that.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Book your session ASAP. This earned session can only be redeemed within a year of the time it was earned. If you earned it October 2023 you have until October 2024. 
  • This does not cover Extended Family Sessions, up to 5 immediate family members only.
  • Studio fees are not included.
  • Loyalty sessions can only be redeemed on a Friday, if Fridays are booked it can be done on another weekday, not weekend. 
  • Unfortunately, I do not send reminders for this. You must keep track, because I simple can't....Das too much. 
  • There are no free reschedules allowed for Loyalty sessions, unless it is bad weather or an emergency. There's just not enough dates that allow reschedules :( I would require a rescheduling fee, the session itself would still be free. 

I greatly appreciate the referrals. I want you to know that your friends and family will receive excellent services from me. They will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Thank you again for thinking of me and sending all referrals my way!